ViaBlue SC-4, Single wire LS-cables 2 x 3 meter


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ViaBlue SC-4 Silver Series speaker cables hav..

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ViaBlue SC-4 Silver Series speaker cables have stranded conductors, 8mm2 plated with genuine silver and a special silver-copper mixture for powerful accentuation of the bass range. The cables ends are crimped with low-oxygen-content, gold-plated OFC copper crimp thimbles. On these appropriate ends the ViaBlue TS Series loudspeaker plug-in connections plated with genuine gold are optionally available.

SC-4 speaker cables have a transparent and three-dimensional acoustics and a brilliant, airy quality in the high range. Clean lows and basses homogeneously round out the acoustic pattern. Technically, all of the frequency ranges are cleanly and realistically represented and reproduced in a linear fashion.

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