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The CLOSED masterpiece ... PROline 750

Short description:
Foldable, closed-back professional headphones
with S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
MU Metal shielding
Safer hearing
PROline Box incl. accessories
Free demo-CD enclosed

PROline Box contents:
Professional headphones
2 detachable cables: one straight (length 3 m),
one coiled (length > 3 m) with gold-plated jacks 6,3 mm
and gold-plated adapter 6,3/3,5 mm
Spare pair of speed-switch ear pads
Demo CD
Instruction manual
Transportation bag

Technical specifications:
S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
Dynamic principle
Frequency range 8-35.000 Hz
Impedance 40 Ohm
Sound pressure level 94 dB
MU Metal bufferboard, reduced field emissions
in accordance with ULE standard
Driver 40 mm titanium-plated
Weight 295 g (without cord)

Long-term availability of spare parts

ULE technology and new design
PROline with ULE stands for Ultra Low Emission and means significant benefits for professional users as it is highly developed and specially designed for professionals. The new design does not only distinguish the professional line but also allows due to more ear anatomy area a higher degree of transparency in combination with the spatial sense and understanding.

The ULE technology was systematically developed for professionals
as they do spend half of their lives in headphones. Most headphone drivers convert an electric signal into an acoustical signal, producing low-frequency magnetic fields. In response, ULTRASONE developed a special MU Metal shielding (ULE technology) to reduce the radiation by up to 98% compared to current headphones. The ULE technology has stood the test of international review and is recommended by technical surveillance organisations.

S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
Through the S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound the usual headphone sound will be moved out of the head in the room around you. The sound is no longer locked in, but appears broad and detached. Directions and distances can be heard and perceived - it’s just like being in a live concert.
For this new technology additional equipment is not required. Take
a pair of ULTRASONE headphones plus your sound device and you will be ready for the 3-dimensional enjoyment!

Safer hearing
S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound allows an up to 40% lower
dB output (3-4 dB) for the same loudness sensation. This may significantly reduce the risk of hearing damage while ensuring
hours of fatigue-free listening - an absolute must if you spend
a lot of time in headphones.

These brand new closed-back headphones use the stiffest drivers available: Titanium-plated! The titanium-plated driver offers the most exact and correct sound reproduction you can imagine. Using special developed velvet ear pads, you will have fantastic comfort for extensive working hours. Due to its closed construction, external noise is suppressed.

To meet professionals´ needs we implemented an additional function which enables you to fold these headphones for a compact storage and easy transportation in a suitcase.


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