Trichord Diablo NC, mm/mc phonoamplifier dipswitches


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Diablo Phono Stage complete with 'Never Conne..

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Diablo Phono Stage complete with 'Never Connected' PSU for ultraclean powersupply.

Input resistance (selectable): 33R, 100R, 1k, 47k
Input capacitance (selectable): 100pF, 1n1
Gains (selectable): 48dB, 52dB, 63dB, 70dB, 74dB
Output impedance: 33 Ohms (drives 10 meters of 150pF/m cable)
DC-offset: <1mV, servo controlled
Dimensions: 190 x 117 x 55 mm (D x W x H)

Power Supply comprises massive 80VA toroidal transformer with large capacitor bank and twin voltage regulators.

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