The Cartridge Man The Conductor, air bearing tonearm


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 A parallel tracking tonearm has the least distortion because the tracking error is minimized to practically zero. The cartridge stylus reads the two groove walls at the same time without any delay.
Furthermore, a parallel tracking tonearm does not need bias compensation (anti-skate settings), as there is no centripetal force, unlike in pivoted arms.
Designing and manufacturing a parallel tracking tonearm is not as simple as it may seem and only thorough engineering can result in a good functioning device.Precise and accurate geometrical proportions are essential to get it right. As a result, prices of the high-end parallel tracking arms are in most cases far beyond the budget of most audiophiles and music lovers.

And this is where The Conductor comes in.
Simplified, but without sacrificing the benefits of tangential tonearms, sonically high-end, and most importantly offered at a saner price than the other high-end competition.


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