The Cartridge Man Digital Levelling Gauge, accurate digital leve


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It is a well known fact that for optimum perf..

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It is a well known fact that for optimum performance, a turntable should always be precisely levelled. Whilst bubble-levels have always been used for the levelling procedure, best accuracy is not always guaranteed
and it can certainly be frustrating to centre the bubble.

The Cartridge Man has now introduced a highly accurate,
easy-to-use and all-electronic Digital Levelling Gauge.

This unit presents a digital read-out of both planes simultaneously to a resolution and accuracy of 0.1°.
Four quadrant LEDs give an unambiguous indication of which side(s) need lowering or raising.

Technical specification:

Measurement range: +35° to -35°
Accuracy: better than 0.1° at level
Resolution: 0.1°
Useable period:> 10 hours continuous
Display: 2 x 3-digit LED and 4 x 3mm LEDs
Status indication: Display test, nulling
Cell type: 2 x AAA
Useable temperature: 5°C to 35°C
Weight: 195g nominal
Dimension: 62mm h x 69mm diameter
Construction: Non-magnetic, anti-static treated


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