Studio Connections Monitor, luidsprekerkabels 3 meter stereo


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STUDIO CONNECTIONS Abbey Road Monitor series ..

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STUDIO CONNECTIONS Abbey Road Monitor series cable is a lighter use speaker cable based on the same phase coherent and 'fast' principles as our highly acclaimed Platinum and Reference cables. This cable has been designed using 1.5mm conductors for smaller speakers where very large transient drive currents are not present.

It has high purity, ultra-fine stranded OFC copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) hybrid conductors, with a special dual layer olefinic and nitrogen gas dielectric combination. As with our 'Platinum' and 'Reference' series cables, it features the similar dual layer insulation system that contributes towards phase linearity and high speed with smooth mid and full low end.

Designed with speed and phase linearity in mind, this speaker cable gives excellent imagery and a natural clarity across a wide range of production styles.


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