Studio Connections Carbon Screen, powercord 150 cm


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STUDIO CONNECTIONS ‘Carbon Screen Power Cor..

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STUDIO CONNECTIONS ‘Carbon Screen Power Cord’ is a radically new cable that can significantly improve your listening experience- forever. It sets a new standard for power cables and redefines what the art is about.

Using the very latest advanced military stealth polymers, ‘Carbon Screen Power Cord’ simply absorbs any mains and airborne interference and converts it into heat, (instead of trying to divert it elsewhere). This drives the noise floor down and immediately stabilises image with a very perceptible enhancement to musicality.


Carbon Screen Power Cable Specifications

Nominal Technical Specifications:


Conductors: 2.5mm cross sectional area, 47 x 0.22 strands high purity copper.
Insulation : Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow
Insulation diameter: 3mm over dielectric
Bedding and Primary screen : 100% coverage, Carbon loaded semi-conductor

Drain element: 0.46mm cross sectional area, 3 x 9 x 0.147 strands tinned copper wire
Resistance: Each core: 6.98 ohms/km
Capacitance: Core to core: 100pF/m
Inductance: Each Core: 26mH/km

Rated voltage: 500Vac
Overall diameter; 9.75mm



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