Solid Tech Radius 720, speakerstands


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A performance enhancing stand for high qualit..

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A performance enhancing stand for high quality loudspeakers, the spike equipped MDF base holds the internally braced Radius-Pillars, a perfect pillar to design a loudspeaker stand around. The internal bracing and sturdy dimensions creates an extremely stiff and non ringing leg, for supporting the loudspeaker. The top plate is made of transparent cast acrylic composite that has a simple resonance pattern. To further improve the performance of your speakers the three hollow cavities that the bracing creates inside the legs can be filled with sand or other resonance damping material(s).

Width:                 240mm
Depth:                 330mm
Height:                720mm
Maximum Load:      35kg
Top Plate Width:   170mm
Top Plate Depth:   330mm



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