Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL, topclass multiflexible phonoamplifier / black


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THE M1 ViNL The M1 ViNL is a state of the art..

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THE M1 ViNL The M1 ViNL is a state of the art MM/MC phono stage with adjustable input capacitance, input resistance and RIAA/IEC equalisation curves with single ended and balanced outputs. The M1 ViNL has extraordinary input flexibility. On MM it has 47k or 68k input impedance. Input capacitance has seven values; 50PF, 100PF, 150PF, 200PF, 250PF, 300PF, 350PF, 400PF. This extraordinary flexibility means perfect matching for almost any MM cartridge. The MC stage has ultra flexible input resistance switching, 10R, 18R, 25R, 50R, 100R, 200R, 400R, 800R, 1600R and 47K. The ViNL has switchable RIAA and IEC EQs. The ViNL has another important feature; you can switch resistance, capacitance or equalisation curve whilst it is playing. This gives ViNL extraordinary flexibility and functionality. And that's just the beginning! The ViNL's technical performance is no compromise, state of the art. The circuitry is based around our revered KW phono stage but, with modern technology, a setup from that incredible standard. We employ ultra low noise instrumentation amplifiers (the highest quality available). The RIAA EQ curve extends up to 50 KhZ within 0.2 dB. Distortion is almost non-existent and the noise is on the threshold of what can be achieved. The crosstalk is outstanding. In every technical parameter, the ViNL is state of the art. The ViNL's incredible input flexibility and state of the art technical performance, result in an extraordinary product. As far as we can see the only problem is that it may not be expensive enough to be believable! More communication work for us all!  

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