Musical Fidelity M1 DAC, 24bit/192Khz upsampling dac black


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Musical Fidelity was pretty well the first co..

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Musical Fidelity was pretty well the first company in the world to make a DAC. Since then we have an unbroken lineage of top performing, top value digital products.

The new M1 DAC is the fruit of our 23 years experience of making top performance DACs. It has four digital inputs; coax, optical, balanced and USB.

The M1 DAC will lock on to any SP diff signal at; 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz. The input sampling frequency is displayed on the front panel.

The M1 DAC upsamples to 24-bit at 192kHz. This is genuine true upsampling.

The M1's technical performance is, pretty well, as good as any at any price. We know this sounds like an incredible claim but it's true. Musical Fidelity's state-of-the-art circuit design and pcb layout with the use of top quality digital components gives state-of-the-art performance. There's no secret or mystery about this. We use top quality digital components in carefully designed circuit configurations which are subtly implemented on brilliant pcb layouts. Unsurprisingly the result is state-of-the-art performance. It's just that the price is competitive so many people find it hard to believe.

The M1 DAC has vanishingly low distortion, typically less than 0.005% across the band. Frequency response is ruler flat. Jitter is extremely low. The noise ratio is outstanding, one of the quietest DACs in the world regardless of price. Looking at the M1 DAC's total measurements and comparing them to any DAC up to ten times its price you will see that, on balance, the M1 DAC is equal to or better than any.

The M1 DAC has a high quality power supply. Interestingly it has choke filtration on the mains input. This, effectively, is a mains signal conditioner which increases the performance and value of the M1 to even greater heights.


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