Millennium Silentor, record weight


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Our LP stabilizer Silentor provides silence a..

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Our LP stabilizer Silentor provides silence and stability in sound. Disturbing noises caused by the main bearing, which are passed over the centre spindle of the deck to the platter, will be reduced by our improved antiresonance system with eight holes and derived through the carbon surface. Due to outstanding quality and precise production of this HighEnd product, the Silentor would not damage the shaft in any case because it does not have direct contact. 

Due to high weight and pressure, the LP takes up a very strong contact with the platter and/or the used platter mat. Disturbing resonance energy goes through the LP and it ends not inside the vinyl material and makes trouble. Particularly in addition with our carbon LP mat you will get an amazing detail upgrade and new dynamic dimension!  

Dimensions: 80mm x 30mm
Weight: 690gr.


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