Millennium Protractor set, perfect adjustment tools


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Only an optimal adjustment of tone arm- and..

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Only an optimal adjustment of tone arm- and pick-up geometry will enhance the quality and resources of your analogue audio components. Due to the sophisticated design of our protractor-set and many experiences in listening and comparing, we proudly present a complete set considering different user profiles, both for professional sellers and vinyl lovers.

Using the complex structured manual you will get a reproducible and perfect  adjustment. The multilateral descriptions and schematics show you an easy way to a successful result without avoidable mistakes. Beginners and professional users will enjoy the supplied tools, like the alu template, acryl block for vertical and lateral adjustment plus spirit level and little bubble gauges.

Provided tools

1. Alutemplate

2. Distance bar / Needle protect

3. Wooden spirit level

4. Waterlevel tubes 5 und 7 mm

5. Acrylic aligement block to control VTA and azimuth

6. High grade steelneedle for adjustment

7. Magnifying glass with dioptre 3

8. Waterlevel eye 20 mm

9. User manual


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