Millennium M-Block 8055, resonance damper


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The audible effects of most resonances of you..

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The audible effects of most resonances of your HiFi equipment and loudspeakers can effectively be reduced by using one of the most suitable M-Block of our accessory program. Best impact in damping for use on rattling covers of CD drive assemblies, pre and power amplifiers, phono stages, power supply housings and cheap constructed speaker housings, too.  Our block is made out of full high-grade steel, polished as well, coated with carbon on top and bottom to obtain a perfect coupling to all smooth surfaces. Placing the block on the top cover of your CD- deck, preferably over the drive assembly, will be the best way. Vibrating covers and rumble of the drive assembly will almost disappear. The impact never fails.

M-Block 8055: 80 x 55mm Weight 2100g

Material: High grade steel  Surface: Carbonlayer


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