Kontakt Chemie Tuner 600, Precision cleaner for contacts


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Quick-drying solvent cleaner, leaves no resid..

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Quick-drying solvent cleaner, leaves no residue and is neutral on materials. Does not contain aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

KONTAKT CHEMIE Tuner 600 was specially developed for sensitive tuner contacts and is an outstanding contact cleaner for electrically and mechanically critical areas. Its gentle cleaning power makes it particularly well-suited to sensitive components or materials. It is safe for use on rubber or synthetics.
This product is used in consumer electronics as well as in computer or TV and telecommunications technology. It cleans dust and oily and greasy residues from e.g. potentiometers and linear regulators, sensors or graphite conductor layers of IR remote controls.
It dries in seconds, leaving no residue. Thanks to the low surface tension of the cleaning solution it can also clean in concealed places or in fine cracks.

Aerosol: 200 ml

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