IXOS Ixotica IX2, topquality DIY interconnect for RCA of XLR / meter


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JUST ONE SPOOL TOPQUALITY INTERCONNECTCABLE .....for a fraction of the original price!!

IXOS® have been developing cables and interconnects for 10 years. In that time we have designed and patented a completely new cable geometry, won countless awards for performance, design and innovation and have grown to be sold in over 44 countries across each of the 5 continents of the world.

We now turn our attention to IXOTICA™. Combining the finest materials with advanced cable geometries and terminated by hand, IXOTICA™ represents the zenith of cable design. The result is a family of cables and interconnects that every self-respecting hi-fi system should aspire to.

  • Ixotica IX2,  Do It Yourself interconnectcable RCA or XLR  
  • Length per meter
  • Patented Gamma Geometry™ minimises capacitance while maintaining very high noise immunity
  • Maximised insulation provided by the Nitrogen Gas-Injected Polyethylene dielectric for each conductor to significantly reduce the dielectric constant
  • High Grade PC-OFC (Pure Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper) conductors significantly improve audio integrity and detail
  • Greater transparency and depth is provided by the unique strand configuration, which significantly reduces capacitance over conventional conductor designs
  • IXOS® APTIMUS™ coated conductors eliminate inter-strand interaction providing silky smooth, full bodied holographic image
  • IXOS® engineered gold plated solid brass RCA connectors with positive Teflon® insulator provide the ultimate interface integrity

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