Isotek Vision Mains Conditioner 6


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The Vision have been universally accepted as the best component from component isolating mains power distributor at their price point. It was designed to be a very rewarding single box ‘plug-n-play’ solution for a complete audio or home theatre system. The Vision offers astounding value for money and gives a taste of what our truly high-end solutions offer. Within our product range the Vision sits between the Solus and isolation transformer based SubStation. At the rear of the unit you will note six high quality outlets, these are individually filtered to stop components ‘talking’ to each other or corrupting the clean supply provided by the unit. This is achieved by a series of delta filters on the outputs and a sophisticated filter circuit, which was inspired by work in cryogenics, and harnesses the technique used for the switching of cryogenic coils. Both products feature our new ‘Polaris-X’ technology that draws mains contaminants away from audio components plugged into the unit. Outputs 1 & 2 have been given a higher power rating and should be used for high current devices, for example power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, some ‘tube’ pre-amplifiers, projectors and plasma screens etc. The remaining four are suitable for all other equipment, for example CD players, turntables etc… Vision features enhanced protection through stabilising the units voltage and giving it a very large absorption ability, this is extremely important in today’s society where dangerous power surges can damage sensitive audio equipment. All fusing is external, this eliminates any need to enter the product. The unit is so safe that even if the mains are wired incorrectly in the rest of the house or environment that the product is used, the unit will correct the problem sonically. All components are of the highest grade and are under stressed, this gives greater longevity. These are hand soldered onto a PCB with silver solder, the large PCB also features a ground plane upper surface acting as a very high grade common mode filter across the whole board, this allows the unit to act as a true faraday cage, protecting itself from RFI and other components from the job it performs.


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