Isotek Sirius EVO3 Mains Conditioner 6


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Sirius, along with all other IsoTek products, features our ‘Polaris X’ system to eliminate cross contamination between components. Along side the Polaris X system, Sirius also features our Inductive Gating system to ensure each filter operates at maximum performance with any given load. Each socket can be used for any component within a system. Taken from our reference products, Sirius also features a true balanced circuit by way of our Kerchhoffs Equal Resistance Path technique. ‘KERP’ ensures power reaches each socket with the same amount of resistance and power reaches each of the 6 sockets in unison. Most other mains strips on the market use an inferior system where the sockets are wired one after the other with gradually degrading power quality, and sometimes a reduction in voltage at the end of the strip. Sirius’s circuit is also star earthed which is important for most high quality setups and features a surge protection system. This system is self resetting and will suppress a surge of up to 22,000 amps.

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