Isotek Sigmas EVO3 Mains Conditioner 6


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Sigmas has been developed using the award winning technologies from the GII Mini Sub/Vision and the Titan to create a unique high quality full system power conditioning solution. It has been designed to offer the very best performance possible in a single box ‘plug-n-play’ power conditioner. What’s more Sigmas can be used for a complete audio or home theatre system. The performance one can expect from Sigmas is unrivalled at its price point party due to the fact that it harnesses IsoTek’s unique multi award winning ‘Direct Coupled Design’ a critical element in the design of Titan as well as combining this with component from component isolation, key features in GII Mini Sub/Vision and the proprietary ‘Adaptive Gating’ auto sensing features of Nova. Sigmas gives an insight into what can be expected from IsoTek’s truly cutting edge high-end solutions. Within the IsoTek product range the Sigmas sits between the GII Mini Sub/Vision and the high-end Nova & Titan combination.


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