Isotek Nova High-End Power Conditioner 6


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The Nova is our SubStation replacement. Unlike its predecessor there are no complex power requirement calculations to establish prior to installing the unit. Nova also dispense with the SubStations isolation transformer based filtering system which unless properly understood had the potential to restrict the dynamic delivery of an audio system. The Nova has been designed to represent the ultimate 'front-end' filtration system for up to six components. The unit posses unlimited transient delivery as well as stopping component cross contamination. Although the Nova is suitable for medium to high-end systems, for those audiophiles seeking a cost-no-object power management system use the Nova in conjunction with a Titan (for power amplifiers) for ultimate performance. The new Nova dispenses with isolation transformer technology in favour of a direct-coupled design with a nine-stage series and parallel filter configuration. This is optimised for a high degree of common mode rejection, with the highest possible differential mode rejection compatible with low insertion losses. Great care has been taken to minimise insertion loss at mains frequency. Another asset of an isolation transformer would be a balanced supply, however the new circuit also offers these desirable characteristics, especially at high frequencies where it could be debated it possesses superior performance. To ensure the Nova has enough power delivery for an entire audio system two things out of the ordinarily have been achieved. The minimum constant running ability of the device is rated at over 4,600 watts. Secondly, the unit is fitted with an RCBO, this high tech electronic fusing offers huge transient overloads whilst remaining safe. It also has the added bonus of protecting power cords against long term overload conditions.


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