Isotek Mira EVO3 TV Filter, without powercord


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Mira is IsoTek’s dedicated high definition LCD, CRT, Plasma, HDTV and projector power centre. Mira is also able to offer enhanced performance for primary electronics in the system. Its carefully chosen component parts and relatively generous proportions allow for an optimum design and functionality. The IsoTek Mira works in the following way, the triple resonant filter increases the perception of white in the picture. This enhances contrast and colour purity. For DVD players it prevents confusing information corrupting the digital information (jitter). Audio quality is improved in terms of harshness as high frequencies are freed from the burden of suppressing ultrasonic noise. The Delta filter improves black levels by removing the more randomized noise, this is usually perceived as mist. It is very possible that the television will need adjusting to fully appreciate this improvement. Sonically the sound will have greater clarity, surround effects will be perceived at a lower sound level. Depth and nuances will be noticeably better. As can be anticipated the combined effect of these complimentary filters is to cover from low to high level (black to white). Specifically colour is much better defined, depth of image is also greater (black levels). Bursts of white light become more dramatic, a delight of the modern medium.

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