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The Music Streamer Pro is a ultra high e..

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The Music Streamer Pro is a ultra high end performance music interface that allows a computer and a home entertainment system to become perfect partners. With its unique topology, the Music Streamer+ provides a completely isolated path between the computer and audio system. No more audio contamination by the computer; your music will always sound its best. There are no external power supplies to worry about because the Music Streamer+ derives its power from the USB buss while completely regenerating power for all its internal circuitry using a sophisticated set of proprietary circuits. Operation is simple, just plug the Music Streamer+ into any USB port on your computer and the Music Streamer+ will install itself and be ready for use in a matter of moments. Connect the other end of the Music Streamer+ into any analog input and you are ready to stream high quality computer based music. The Music Streamer+ provides full support for applications such as iTunesTM and Windows Media PlayerTM direct to your home entertainment system, with a level of quality never before possible. You can also use the Music Streamer+ to listen to internet radio or other music subscription services such as RhapsodyTM or NapsterTM in high quality through your Home Entertainment System, Television or Stereo system.


Full Scale Output 4.5 Volts RMS (TiniQ XLR)
Output Impedance 200 + 200 Ohms (balanced)
Frequency Response (20 Hz / 20 kHz) * 0dB / -.6dB
Noise Floor (DC to 30 kHz) 9 uV RMS
Noise Floor (A-weighted) 8 uV RMS
S/N Ratio (DC to 30 kHz) 114 dB
S/N Ratio (A-weighted) 115 dB
THD+N (1 kHz FS) .004%
USB to Audio output isolation > 20M Ohm

Data Rate up to 96 kS/s
Bit Depth up to 24 bit
USB type 1.1Power Requirements (USB Buss) 350 mA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.6" x 2.1" x 1.2"

* - 3 dB @ .48 FS for any sample rate up to 96k


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