Harmonix RF-5700, Tuning Devices


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RF-5700 is upgraded version of RF-57M2 and ul..

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RF-5700 is upgraded version of RF-57M2 and ultimate tuning devices that eliminate sound distortions caused by non-harmonized resonances present in all audio and visual equipments from amplifier, control amplifier, digital equipments, CD player, Analog player, to sensitive and delicate elements such as Cartridges, Headshells, Tonearms and speaker units, is midrange hardness, lack of harmonic richness, limited dynamic contrast and high noise floor. Moreover, RF-5700 can tune to improve the performance of headphones, TV sets, mobiles and PCs as well.
A new RF-5700 ultimate Tuning device fights resonance by removing harmful resonance to make music reproduction truer and sweeter. Transients are crispy, instruments are better delineated, bass has more impact and vocals are more lifelike. The overall results a high quality sound reproduction that will have you believing you are experiencing a live musical performance with your systems you have never experienced before


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