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Grado's PS1000 is the finest headphone Grado ..

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Grado's PS1000 is the finest headphone Grado has ever made!  Smooth, rich, powerful and dynamic, the PS1000 does everything that Grado headphones are renowned for, with greater resolution, smoother timbre and a more refined presentation than any other Grado headphone.

Physically the same size as the outstanding GS1000 headphones, the PS1000 uses the same oversized cushions and an improved and upgraded driver.  The outer housing is made of a metal alloy, but the inner housing is made of the same wood used in the GS1000.  This combination of materials allows the PS1000 to create a warm, rich sound with extremely low resonance and vibration characteristics for deep imaging and ultra-black backgrounds.  In keeping with the new i series of Grado headphones, the PS1000 receives an upgraded headphone cable with larger and better conductors than ever before.

Because of the physical improvements of the headphones, the PS1000 weighs significantly more than the GS1000, which makes their presence felt a bit more, although it should be pointed out that the PS1000s aren't that heavy compared to other designs and as heapdhone mass goes, the GS1000 is generally considered a flyweight. Despite the extra weight, the PS1000 is a very comfortable and balanced headphone, the design of the band and the headpads supporting the weight evenly for long listening sessions.

There's a wonderful in-depth review on the Grado website which explains the differences between the PS1000 and the other headphones that Grado has created in the past.  This is recommended reading for any Grado aficionado!

These are still being finalized for the PS1000, we'll post them as soon as we get them!


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