Furutech Nano Liquid, contact enhancer gold/silver


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High End Performance NANO Liquid Contact Enha..

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High End Performance NANO Liquid Contact Enhancer revives old connections and improves new connections. Incredible Nano Liquid’s molecules are so tiny they “fill up” any air bubble holes left during the plating process when brushed onto connectors. The result is much better contact between metal surfaces. Nano Liquid is a result of Furutech’s Total Attention to Detail regarding every aspect of signal transmission. Use only a little! This product is super-micro particle(with nano-meter technology) made by two material i.e. pure Gold and pure Silver. The particle diameter is 8 Nm Max., i.e. 8/1,000,000mm. 2cc/bottle Usage: 1.A/V equipment: RCA PIN, Jacket, Cannon connector, speaker terminal, AC Power plug for Amp. CD/VCD/DVD/MD and TV. 2.Computer equipment: connecting terminal and terminal seat for Monitor, Key board, hard disk, modem and printer, AC power plug, sound card. 3.All types of electronic and electric products: battery connection point,AC power plug. 4.Can be used in power Tool, all kinds of motor brush, measurement, communication and medical equipment and instruments.  

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