Furutech FP-200B Audio grade Banana plug Rhodium set 4 pieces


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High Performance Audio Banana Connectors.

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High Performance Audio Banana Connectors.

• α (Alpha) Phosphor Bronze pin
• Connections: Set-screw or Soldered
• Contact pin specially designed to increase contact area and effect stable more transmission.
• Unique main body design that ensures very firm wire connections that can be fixed by set screw or soldered.
• Treated with FURUTECH α(Alpha) Process to minimize transmission loss
• Material: Banana Conductor—Phosphor Bronze Plate / Housing—Copper alloy 
• Specifications: Max. Wire diameters up to φ5.0mm
• Dimensions Housing: φ11.1mm X 30.3 mm, Banana Conductor: φ4.6mm X 19.7 mm, Overall length:50 mm


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