Furutech μ-4.1T Bi-Wire Loudspeaker Cable 6 meter


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Bi-Wire Speaker Cable . • α(Al..

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Bi-Wire Speaker Cable .

• α(Alpha)μ-OFC-Conductor The fine μ-OFC Conductor treated with the α(Alpha) Process (Super Cryogenic & Demagnetizing Treatment)  
• Conductor-1:α(Alpha)Conductor,μ-OFC (21/0.15mm+6/46/0.10mm(rope-lay stranding))
• Insulation:Poly Propylene(for Treble,Blue、Black)
• Conductor-2:α(Alpha)Conductor,μ-OFC (7/5/0.3mm(concentric stranding))
• Insulation:Poly Propylene (for Bass,Red、White)
• Sheath:Flexible PVC (Dark Green)
• Overall Diameter:11.0 mm

•Electrical Properties:
Max. Conductor Resistance: 10.9Ω/km(for Treble)
Max. Conductor Resistance: 10.20Ω/km(for Bass)
Dielectric Strength: AC 500 V/1min.
Min. Insulation Resistance: 1000 MΩ.km
Capacitance (for Treble): Approx. 70 PF/M
Capacitance (for Bass): Approx. 85 PF/M



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