Canor TP 306+, tube phonoamplifier MM/MC


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TP306 VR all-tube phono preamplifier The CA..

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TP306 VR all-tube phono preamplifier

The CANOR TP306 VR is an uncompromising all-tube MM/MC phono stereo preamplifier connected without any global feedback with passive corrections. It is a direct successor to the highly popular and successful TP 305 model.

The TP306 VR tube preamplifier is designed with a view to the highest possible audio quality. This is tailored to the overall electrical and mechanical construction. and puts enormous demands on the selection of tubes so that the parameters of both channels to be identical. In order to ensure the highest audio quality we use the EZ81 vacuum diode to rectify the anode voltage in the power supply. In this fully valved phono preamplifier there are used seven pieces of tubes altogether. Unlike TP 305, the 6SN7 tube is replaced by 6SL7 amplification tube.

This preamplifier can be connected to both MM and MC pickups. The MC input is connected to high-quality step-up Lundahl transformer. The first stage consists of two parallel triodes for reducing audible noise and ensuring the highest gain. Behind the first stage there is a passive RIAA correction. Then the second stage is integrated with the second passive correction. Output buffer provides very low output impedance. The active part is 40 db amplification at 1kHz. This gain is sufficient for the vast majority of MM pickups. Both MM and MC pickup can be connected to the input at the same time. Desired input (MM or MC) to select by the switch in the back.

To enhance a very low voltage gain of MC pickups, the Lundahl impedance matcher is used at the input. This solution has great advantage in not increasing the noise by the device itself. The TP306 VR phono stage tubes are being burned-in and measured on our specially developed BT-2 and TTM-2 measuring devices.


TP306 VR+ all-tube phono preamplifier

We refined the new TP306 VR+ preamplifier with superior Mundorf capacitors, and applied even more careful selection of tubes as

compared to standard model.

The TP306 VR+ phono stage tubes are being burned-in and measured on our specially developed BT-2 and TTM-2 measuring devices.




2 x 6922, 4 x 6SL7, 1 x EZ81

Input impedance MM

47 kOhm

Input capacitance MM

100pF / 100pF / 220pF / 470pF / 470pF

Gain MM

40 dB / 47 kOhm


77 dB / 78 dB TP306 VR+

Input impedances MC

20 Ohm / 100 Ohm / 200 Ohm

Gain MC

54 dB / 200 Ohm


60 dB / 100 Ohm


66 dB / 20 Ohm


73 dB / 74 dB TP306 VR+

THD (1kHz)

0.1% / 0.05% TP306 VR+



curve accuracy

20 Hz - 20 kHz / ±0.3 dB


230 V - 50 Hz / 100 VA

Dimensions (w x h x d)

435 x 122 x 350 mm


12 kg



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