Benz Micro Glider-SM, Medium output MC-cartridge


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Type: MC Low / Mid / High naar keuze Uitgangs..

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Type: MC Low / Mid / High Low 0.4 mV / Mid 0.8 mV / High 2.5 mV Low 100-47.000 Ohm / Mid 200-47.000 Ohm / High 1.000-47.000 Ohm Testresult HIFI NEWS R.R.: A Little Masterpiece…Strongly Recommended ! Testresult STEREOPHILE : This is a Killer Cartridge…More Holografic,More Involving,More Musical. Way Recommended ! Testresult IMAGE HIFI: Topquality and a bargain.....the concurrence will become sleepless nights!

Special improved version with Gyger-S tip for more deatail dynamics and dampening


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