Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar, High End powercord handcrafted


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Specifications Akiko Audio Powercord Aerost..

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Specifications Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar.

-The cable consists of 9 solid extruded silver 18 AWG O.F.C. conductors suspended in
Dual Tube Fillament™ design. This technology uses two different tubes around the conductors in a natural wave pattern. This design lowers the resistance of the cable keeping power loss extremely low.

-70 microns extruded silver over 99.999999 OFC

-Dual Tube Fillament™ introduces maximum air space around the conductors.

- Insulation; Air and P.T.F.E

P.T.F.E insulation is superior to all other materials (FEP included!) in that it has very low signal loss.

- Connectors: Gold plated Furutech FI-E35 Gold and NeoTech UP OCC Gold plated IEC.

Both are Cryogenic treated.

- Copper shielded earth conductor.

- Mechanical stretch stress conductor treatment.(M.S.S.C.T.™)

- Dielectric constant: air 1.0 P.T.F.E. 2,0

- Voltage loss on a load of 10A: < 0.07 Volt.

- Kevlar® sleeve, 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.

Kevlar® maintains its strength and resilience down to cryogenic temperatures (−196 °C)

- Treated with SilClear Silver Contact Enhancer


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